"New medicine technologies"           

Scientific Production Firm "New medicine technologies" (Moscow) was found on May 1996 on the basis of two biggest scientific centers of Russia - Moscow Physical Engineering Institute (MIFI) and Scientific Research Institute of epidemiology named after Gamalei under the Russian Academy of Medicine Science.

The main field of its activity is creation and sale of high efficient ecologically pure technologies of products from the raw of natural origin for their application in medicine (dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, cosmetology, plastic surgery).

"New medicine technologies" has elaborated the technology of obtaining Hyaluronic Acid from the rooster combs. The Hyaluronic Acid meets all the requirements to its quality and has state registration FSP 42-0093-9221-00.

Nowadays the company produces a number of products with Hyalouronic Acid, as follows:
  • cosmetic;
  • viscoelastic preparation for ophthalmology "HYATULON" (analogous to "Healon", Sweden);

  • injective preparation for wrinkles correction "EVGULON" (analogous to "Restyline", Sweden), etc.


oral nutritional biologically active supplement

Hyasplat-super has been created by Russian scientists of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov and Scientific Research Institute of epidemiology named after Gamalei under the Russian Academy of Medical Science. Hyasplat-super is biologically active supplement of the new generation. Innovation is the key to this product! With great pride we introduce to the market the product of XXI century.

Hyasplat-super is a preparation which has strong prolonged ability to improve immunity and to increase stamina and adaptation of human body towards the environment conditions. Hyasplat-super has managed to ceparate itself from other supplements on the market with its unique (patent pending) combination of active agents. Hyasplat-super is composed of natural and the most efficient components which at first time were combined in the one complex.

Hyasplat-super contains of three basic components, as follows:  Spirulina-platensis; Hyalouronic acid; Amber acid.

By combining Hyaluronic Acid to Spirulina Platensis and Amber Acid, a strong synergistic affect occurs.

Spirulina platensis

Spirulina is one of the blue-green algae due to the presence of both green chlorophyll and blue phycocyanin pigments in its cellular structure. The scientists of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov have found the laboratorial way of its growing, which enables to ceparate this kind of spirulina of other kinds of spirulina on the market due to the lack of natural pollition and presence of high level of control under its growing.

Spirulina s cell walls are mucopolysaccharides   (complex sugars) that are easily digestible, freeing considerable energy as a result. Digestibility tests have shown spirulina to be 83 to 95% digestible. The usable protein in Spirulina therefore, because of its digestibility and amino acid balance, is the highest of any protein other than casein.

Spirulina contains of proteins (60%) and a lot of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and essential fatty acids. Spirulina gives as much calcium as milk, 10 times more vitamin A than carrots.

Essential fatty acids help to reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride levels (associated with arteriosclerosis and heart disease). They also help to protect the human body against sodium-induced high blood pressure, normalize biochemical factors associated with diabetes, enhance sexual effectiveness and fertility, prevent dry, scaly skin and fragility of cells. Spirulina platensis is to:  

  • Increase the immunity;  
  • Reduce risk of virus infection;  
  • Counter the effect of ageing;  
  • Reduce the result of disearses;  
  • Reduce the influence of the environmental pollutions on the human body;  

On the whole Spirulina contains more than 50 vitamins and minerals which help to restore  vigour and vitality of the human body.

Hyalouronic Acid

The Russian scientists of Scientific Research Institute of epidemiology named after Gamalei under the Russian Academy of Medical Science ( NEW MEDICINE TECHNOLOGIES ) were the pioneers in industrial production of the Hyalouronic Acid. They elaborated the unique technology of obtaining the Hyalouronic Acid from the rooster combs, which contain the polymer at a highly concentration with respect to other animal tissues.  Hyalouronic Acid is used in orthopaedics, rheumatology, ophtalmology, dermatology, gynecology, oncology.

  Hyalouronic Acid is ubiquitous in the human body where it plays important biological role. The highest concentration is found in the soft connective tissue where it is a major component of the extracellular matrix, and in the vitreous body of the eye.

Hyalouronic Acid is present in hyaline cartilage, in synovial joint fluid, and in the skin tissue, both dermis and epidermis. As we age the level of hyaluronic acid in our joints decreases and changes the joint fluid from its normal viscosity to a thinner viscosity. This changes the normal cushioning and lubricating properties and causes the cartilage to break down. This results in joint stiffness, pain and other changes associated with osteoarthritis. It is now possible to restore the normal viscosity in the joint with Hyasplat-super .

Hyalouronic Acid has antigen properties, which is very important nowadays due to the large number of allergosisis among the human population. 

Hyalouronic Acid protect the human bogy against microbes, viruses and toxins. It counters acute respiratory disearses, influenza, herpes, etc. Besides, Hyalouronic Acid has high wound healing properties.

Since Hyalouronic Acid has the strong antioxidant acivity it help to protect the human body against the ageing processes.

In Hyasplat-super Hyalouronic Acid indicated besides to exert the long-term pharmacological effect of other components.

Amber Acid

Amber Acid is known for their regenerative, restorative and revitalizing powers, yields a rich revitalizer, that effectively deals with loss of vigour and sets in motion a quick restoration of the body s vital powers (including restoration after hard alcoholic and drug poisoning). It plays a big role in increasing stamina of people on hard work and gives a tremendous boost to their performance by increasing the energy in the human body. Due to the increase in blood circulation while consuming Hyasplat-super , more nutrients and fresh oxygen are supplied to the whole system, resulting in more vigour vitality and better health.  Amber Acid enhances metabolic functions that protect against several age-related health problems.

Direction for use: Oral use. Best with the food, but also can be used ceparately. For adult: 1 tablette twice per day in the morning and at the afternoon. For children of 3-12 y.o.: 1 tablette per day.

Period of treatment has no limits. No side effects. Storage conditions: Dry dark place.

Hyasplat-super has been studied at the Institute of Nutrition under the Russian Academy of Medical Science and recommended for use. Registration number No. 00899.P.643.05.99.


  is a new wound-healing remedy

The main component of the formula is Hyalouronic Acid (HA).

Each tissue contains: HA, topical anesthetic, antiseptic of vegetable origin, antioxidant.

  Form:Sterile moistured dressing complex in three layers.

  Size: 20,0 cm x 14,0; 14,0 cm x 10,0; 10,0 cm x 7,0.    

The results from the toxicological estimation of Hyaplus which has taken place in All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for Medicine Equipment (statement No. 451-96 of September 17th 1996) demonstrated that Hyaplus meets all the requirements to the medicine products coming in contact with surgical wounds. The experiment did not show hemolytic, topical irritant, toxical   and sensitizing influence of the product.

Pharmacological action: The unique biophysical and biochemical properties of Hyalouronic Acid appear to play an important role in a number of physiological functions such as the protection, coating and lubrication of soft tissues and joints, the maintenance of the structural integrity of tissues, and the transport of molecules to specific anatomical sites. HA facilitates the natural wound-healing process and acts   as a barrier to dirt and bacteria. Besides, the HY has the antigen ability. In this concentration HY gives hemostatic effect.   Topical anesthetic (Novocain) is to relieve pain and itch in the wound. Antiseptic of vegetable origin speeds up pus wound healing and prevents from the secondary infection.

Results from the clinical studies of Hyaplus:

The clinical studies have been conducted within 4 years at surgical, burn-healing, radiological and dermatological branches of some medical institutes by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, namely as follows: 

  • Main Military Clinical Hospital named after acad. Burdenko (Moscow);

  • Institute of professional development of Ministry of Health and medical industry under Federal Institute of medical biological and extreme problems (Moscow).

  • Institute of Surgery named after Vishnevsky under Russian Academy of Medical Studies (Moscow);

  • Central Military Clinical Hospital named after Vishnevsky (Moscow);

  • Central Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis under Russian Academy of Medical Studies;

  • Moscow Regional Scientific Research Clinical Institute named after Vladimirsky;

  • State clinical hospital N 61 (Moscow);

  • All-russian Centre of Catastrophe Medicine ZASHCHITA (Moscow);

  • Tula regional hospital;

  • Tula state hospital N 5;

  • Tula regional dermatological venereal center;

  • Surgical clinic N 2 under Rostov-on-Don medical institute;

  • Outpatients.

The HYAPLUS is utilized in the car first-aid boxes.

The pharmacological properties of HA completely have proved, that:    

  • utilization of Hyaplus at the second phase of the wound process facilitates reparation processes and reduces the period of wound healing in average on 2-3 days;   

  • application of Hyaplus has some advantages before other products for the healing of such sluggish wounds as tropical ulcers due to disease of low extremities vessels or diabetes mellitus; 

  • application of Hyaplus on burn wounds before the plastic operation provides skip floats healing   and facilitation of wound healing on the donor site in average on 4 days;

  • application of Hyaplus has advantage (in compears to other methods) in plastic surgery for prevention of keloid scarring and for formation of adhesions after surgery;   

  • Hyaplus tissues are packed in the handy package, which makes their easy transportation and placing in the medical boxes. 


  • Laceration of skin due to burns (thermal, chemical), mechanic laceration of skin;

  • Tropical and ischemic ulcers due to chronicle lack of vein pressure and diabetes mellitus;

  • First aid in the bleeding   from capillaries, for healing of cuts and scratches;

  • In surgery - for treatment of burn wounds before the plastic surgery;

  • In dermatology for treatment of insect bites to relieve pain and itch;

  • In oncology for treatment of post ray disease;

  • In phlebology for treatment of tropical ulcers;

  • In midwifery for sanation of navel wound, etc.;

  • In gynecology for complex treatment of erosion of neck of the womb and for treatmen  of adhesions after cesarean surgery, as well as for prevention of post-surgery complications;

  • In cosmetology for prevention of keloid scarring. of adhesions after cesarean surgery, as well as for prevention of post-surgery complications;

Direction for use: External use. HYAPLUS dressing should be apply on preliminary cured wound and fasten with bandage. Period of application should be 12-24 hours and depends on disearse. After this period the dressing should be changed. HYAPLUS dressing can be applied until the complete epulosis of the wound.

Storage conditions and transportation: to keep in the dry place under the temperature of 5-25 C. Should be packed while the transportation in accordance with Russian State Standard 17768-80. The 5th group of transportation conditions. Storage period: 2 years of the day of issue. Analogous product: the Russian product Steklovidnoe telo , which is the localized injectable treatment.